Felt Types For You

The felt covering on a pool table plays a critical role in enhancing both the game’s performance and visual appeal, significantly impacting the overall playing experience.

For players seeking casual or competitive use, the 303 grade felt offers a cost-effective solution that satisfies the needs of most players.

On the other hand, the 505 grade felt is more suitable for highly competitive players, providing enhanced performance capabilities. 

In addition to the standard options, we present a compelling alternative with custom-designed felt, which surpasses online choices in both quality and price. This option allows you to personalize your pool table with your logo or favorite sports team brand, creating a truly unique and personalized playing experience, further complemented by a one-year warranty.


Our Re-felting Process

In the city of St Louis, our movers exemplify exceptional care and attention to detail during the felting process of pool tables.

We prioritize quality over speed, dedicating ample time to meticulously remove hidden staples from the carpet, ensuring a thorough and precise approach.

When it comes to replacing the felt on the slate, we employ a spray adhesive method to establish a secure bond. This technique offers a cleaner and neater alternative to stapling, reducing any potential mess and ensuring a seamless finish.

For a truly professional outcome, we take great care in covering the pockets by enveloping the slate with strips of felt, creating a polished appearance with no visible seams.

Rail felt is included along with the rest of the felt, leaving no detail overlooked.

If you find yourself uncertain about which grade or color of felt to choose for your pool table, don’t hesitate to contact us

How We Quote Re-felts

Felt Grade:
– We offer a variety of felt grades to choose from, such as 303 grade, 505 grade, Tournament grade, and more, catering to different preferences and needs.

Size of Pool Table:
– It’s important to consider that the cost of the felt will depend on the size of your pool table, so we can provide you with accurate pricing based on your table’s dimensions.

Pool Table Location:
– If your location is within a 30-minute radius of St Louis you can expect to receive our most competitive rates for the services we offer.

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