Moving and Set Up


In St Louis, we take pride in delivering exceptional service when it comes to disassembling and moving your pool table. Our team employs specialized equipment, including a custom-made dolly, to ensure maximum protection for your table, especially its 150-pound slate, during transportation.

As we proceed with removing the felt from the pool table, our approach is marked by extreme care to avoid any tearing of the felt strips and to ensure no staples are left behind. We prioritize quality over speed, recognizing the potential harm that even a misplaced staple could pose to pets or people.

With our preparations complete, your pool table is now ready to be safely transported to its new destination


Set Up

Our installers take great pride in their work, ensuring the pool table is positioned accurately in the room.

To achieve a perfectly even playing surface from slate to slate, we use beeswax to fill any small gaps between the slates on the pool table. This meticulous process guarantees smooth and consistent play.

For accurate slate leveling, we rely on a machinist level, ensuring the best possible results for your pool table.

If your pool table is placed on carpeting, it may require occasional re-leveling over time. As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer free re-leveling if necessary.

Re-felting the table is a reliable solution to eliminate any odors or marks from previous owners. We offer a wide range of felt options to cater to your specific preferences, ensuring your pool table looks and performs at its best.

1 Slate Pool Tables

Moving pool tables with a single slate is a unique challenge that demands specialized techniques. The weight of the slate is around 600 pounds, and requires the involvement of 2-3 people to ensure a safe and successful moving process.

Not all moving companies are equipped to handle the complexities associated with pool tables featuring a single slate due to the inherent difficulty involved. However, we are prepared to handle such moves, depending on the specific circumstances and requirements. 

1 slathable

Precision Leveling Tools

When it comes to leveling a pool table, achieving the necessary level of accuracy requires specialized tools beyond a regular carpenter’s level. At our company, we understand the importance of precision in leveling, as even slight variations can significantly impact the movement of the balls during gameplay.

To ensure the utmost accuracy, we employ a machinist level, specifically designed for precision leveling. This specialized tool is approximately 10 times more accurate than a standard carpenter’s level, allowing us to deliver near-professional quality when installing pool tables.

It is essential to be aware that not all movers in St Louis use machinist levels. When seeking pool table movers, we recommend inquiring whether they utilize a machinist level or not. Some companies may opt for less precise equipment, taking advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge in the process.

At our company, we take pride in using top-notch tools and techniques to provide exceptional service and guarantee your pool table is installed with the utmost precision for optimal gameplay. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our top priorities, and we strive to deliver the best results possible.


Quoting Set Ups/Moves

Number of slates on the table:
– The pricing for a pool table with one slate will be higher as it is heavier.

City where the table is located:
– The most favorable quote will be provided for locations within a 1-hour radius of the St Louis area and its surrounding areas.

Stairs or tight corners at the location:
– The presence of a full flight of stairs will not impact the quoted price for a 3-slate table.

Grade of felt on the table (if being re-felted):
– Several felt grade options are available, such as 303, 505, and Simonis grades. Some types of felt cost more then others.


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